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The launch of our Pergolas at a cocktail party in the beautiful gardens on the upper lawn of the Johannesburg Country Club, Auckland Park.

Our Pergolas, as well as some of our umbrellas and braziers were dotted around, in keeping with our very fitting theme of exotic luxury and elegance. The bar staff and waiters and waitresses wore the authentic Indian turbans that I had brought back from my trip to the sub-continent and they all looked fabulous!

We were fortunate in that it was a glorious late-summer evening and as the sun set, our brazier fires were lit and the lighting in and around the Pergolas softly endorsed a magical scene. On display were these white exterior canvas 4m x 4m structures, 2 with the mushroom, pink and Burgundy interior linings and 2 with the mint, lilac and blue interior linings.

The pink and mushroom lining is printed with stars, each with a small mirror which has been hand-sewn into the centre of the star, the lights creating a twinkling effect on the ceiling. The scalloping has a paisley central print, which also has a small mirror sewn into this pattern.

The mint, lilac and blue interior lining of this Pergola has bands of blue and white, with a mint paisley design interspersed inside the white band.

We had a full bar with snacks supplied by the venue and were thrilled with the turnout of both business associates and friends. We really enjoyed their company in a relaxed and somewhat aptly atmospheric launch for our lovely Pergolas!