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This glamorous square structure can accommodate 80-90 sit-down dining guests. It has the unique feature of having a central canopy raised above the roof and held there by 4 very sturdy central poles. The canopy has vents, which allow light and/or air (if the marquee is enclosed with its sides) to infiltrate the marquee.

This canopy soars upwards to an impressive height of 6M, helping to create the feeling of space and elevation.

The Raj Darbar Marquee has been ideally suited to Food and Wine Shows, as its unique glamour beautifully showcases any high-end product or trend sumptuously. The elegant features of the Raj Darbar Marquee can also create a very stylish Garden Party tea area, a Beer/Bar Tent or a Wedding or Function Marquee.

The high central canopy soars up to a height of 6m, which creates the inspiring feel of space and elevation. An impressive, large chandelier can hang from the centre of the canopy creating a dazzling scene.

A white canvas exterior and a beige paisley-patterned interior cotton lining complete the elegant look.

This Marquee can be enclosed with side walls.

Event - Vaal Wedding Header

The green lawn on the banks of the picturesque Vaal River was the scene of this beautiful wedding.

This event was set up for an elite conference of executives for an informal strategic planning discussion with their foreign directors.

Standard Bank Longmeadow Estate Corporate Event

A fun family weekend was arranged on the expansive lawns at Longmeadow Function Venue on Montecasino Boulevard.