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What a joy it was to supply our marquees and tents for the afternoon and evening wedding of Stephane Kleinloog to Luke Dunstone. Held on the magnificent Kleinloog farm near Nottingham Rd, we had the vast manicured lawns, which ran down to a river! What a beautiful space to assemble our Galaxy Marquee, Conservatories and Pergolas.

Farm weddings are always perfect venues for our Marquees and Tents. They lend themselves to the open land and, in the case of the Natal Midlands, the panoramic views of the rolling hills leading up to the dramatic Drakensberg mountain range.

The team arrived on the Thursday before the Saturday wedding and started work on the Galaxy Marquee immediately. With no access restrictions, the set-up was easy and quick!

The weather was erratic and difficult to predict; hot sunshine and light rain; very warm one minute and quite chilly the next. Were side walls necessary? This would be a pity, given the beautiful location. How would the weather behave during the ceremony? As it turned out, there was a bit of each during the service, our fully waterproof canvas roofing kept out the light rain and gave shade when the sun came out again.

The exquisite voices of The Drakensberg Boys Choir filled the valley as the bridal party and guests spilled out onto the lawn after the service. Canapes and drinks were served from our Conservatories and Pergolas, which also provided cover from the sun for those who wanted it!

It really was a beautiful wedding!