Very grand indeed!

An elevated central roof canopy creates grandiose height and includes air-vents to bring in additional light and air.

The exterior white waterproof canvas roof has an interior cotton lining embossed with delicate gold stars.

  • Dining guests seated at Round Tables can accommodate up to 200 guests.

  • Trestle Tables, 220 dining  (both enabling a dance floor) and seated

  • Cinema-style” seating for a company conference venue, a marriage service or a corporate or fun presentation, up to 350 guests.

  • Cocktail/drinks party up to 350

(These numbers are estimates and recommendations only) 

The poles that supports the canopy, create a central square on the flooring, making for an ideal dance floor, band, orchestra or an entertainment stage. 



​17m x 17m

Metal with a double roof structure

Cream cotton lining, with a very subtle gold emblem decoration.

Scalloping, tassels, finials, pole covers & voile curtains.

Optional side walls.