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Unique shape with 2 beautiful linings!

The Pavilion is an octagonal tent, creating a round-like shape.

Enormously striking, this attractive tent has an exotic feel to it.


At 6m diameter the Pavilion creates a surprisingly it is large area lending to dance floor area, a small orchestra or band, an intimate dining area of between 12 guests (one trestle table) OR 20 guests (2 trestle tables) OR 2 round tables of 8-10 guests at each table.


We have 2 interior lining and curtain design options for these white canvassed Pavilions

  • ​A dramatic dark blue interior lining, patterned with gold suns which each containing a tiny mirror. There is a gold criss-cross design on the navy valance.

  • A delicate light blue paisley design on a white background. The same design is also on the voile curtains, carrying through this refinement.




Octagonal Diameter 6m

Metal Structure

White/Cream Water Resistant Canvas.

Choice of 2 different linings.

Dark blue with gold “suns”, blue or white voile curtains.

White with a light blue paisley pattern, with the same paisley patterned voile curtains.

Scalloping, tassels, finials, pole covers and voile curtains.

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