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A Glamorous square structure

This exotic marquee features a high central canopy which soars up to a height of 6m, creating the feeling of space and elevation. Secured by 4 very sturdy central poles, the canopy has vents, which allow more light and/or air to infiltrate the marquee.


An impressive chandelier can be placed centrally to create a dazzling effect!

​The Raj Darbar Marquee’s unique glamour has beautifully showcased Food and Wine Shows among other elegant events.

​A white canvas exterior and a patterned interior cotton lining complete the elegant look.

  • The Raj Darbar can accommodate 80-90 dining guests

  • 100+ with cinema-style seating, or cocktail party, lounge area and bar.

(These guest numbers are suggestions and recommendations only)



​12m x 12m

A choice of 2 different linings.

Scalloping, tassels, finials, pole covers & voile curtains

White/Cream Waterproof Canvas

Light beige lining with a paisley pattern in browns and a touch of red.

Optional side walls.

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