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Wame Nareetsile Wedding

Notwane river, near Gaborone

It’s always exciting to get jobs in our neighbouring countries, and this job was no different!

Our team leader had the papers for the border crossing, but there was still a bit of a delay. We had taken this possibility into account and did manage to make up some time from the border to the venue, Notwane Farm.

What a beautiful location! And what a beautiful wedding! Set on the grassy banks of the Notwane river near Gaborone, our Raj Darbar, looked as if it belonged in that scene!

Products used:​

My husband and I tied the knot in Gaborone, Botswana on 3 May 2014. 

I am a sucker for fine, UNIQUE things and I sure was going to make sure my wedding day was going to, (as it turns out) be the wedding of the year. I needed a unique setup/arrangement and needed for everything to coincide, having the exact theme colours merge in everything from decor to the flower arrangements, to the tent. Most importantly I wanted a tent that even I had never seen before,  I was certainly not going to have a stretch tent. So I went about my ways and perused all sorts of wedding magazines and attended wedding expos until I landed on the most amazing tent I had seen.  I immediately contacted Timeless Tents, and fortunately for me or them, I encountered the friendliest of helpers, Nicolene Potgieter. She was patient with this bridezilla called ME. I sent long emails explaining to her EXACTY what I wanted and what I DID NOT want. She took note and made recommendations and suggestions.  My husband was able to convince me that they had it all under control and did not need to come all the way. When the time came for them to come on 1 May ( Workers day), I started having other panic attacks about the possibility of them not being able to get across the border, and them not getting to set up my dream tent! They had never been to Botswana before, what if they failed at the border? I was close to being in a ventilator, when Nicolene kept reassuring me that they had everything arranged and that they will make it across.

They set up beautifully, and well on time for those who were doing the decor to also start and finish on time. I had the most amazing wedding ever, with a beautiful tent that had my main theme colour, and most importantly, no one had ever seen that tent before!  I was a very happy and satisfied bride! I would like to thank the Timeless Tents team for making sure this was the case.


Wame Nareetsile
Gaborone, Botswana

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